Warwickshire Charities

As a Warwickshire Lodge (Birmingham being in within the Masonic Province of Warwickshire), The Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire administers many charitable funds, the principal ones of which are the Warwickshire Masonic Benevolent Fund and the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association Limited.


The objects of the WMBF are to provide relief to needy Freemasons of the Province, their widows or partners, their children and any spinster sisters.


The Management Committee of the Charity Board of the WMBF meets on a quarterly basis to consider petitions for relief submitted by Lodge Almoners, although the Provincial Grand Almoner also has power to make emergency grants.


WMBF relies heavily on regular donations from Lodges and Chapters in the Province to enable it to carry out its charitable work.


WMCA Ltd was formed to manage the various legacies bequeathed to the Province and more recently to deal with the reclamation of Gift Aid as a result of charitable donations.


It also distributes substantial sums on an annual basis to non-Masonic charities which operate within the Province.


These charities must apply for assistance and provide audited accounts.