Cosmopolitan Lodge Banner

Cosmopolitan Lodge Founders, 1909

Every Lodge in the world of Freemasonry has its own dedicated, personal banner.


Cosmopolitan Lodge’s is shown left. This is the original banner dedicated at the creation of the Lodge in 1909. The banner can clearly be seen behind the founding Lodge members in the photograph from 1909, nothing has changed.


The late Worshipful Brother Arthur Harrison was the Lodge’s first Worshipful Master and to him the Lodge is indebted for the conception and design of its banner, which happily portrays the purport of the title “Cosmopolitan Lodge 3391”.


The device represents the two hemispheres of the globe backed by the Square and Compasses. The motto is “Fraternitas Ubique”, translated, “Brotherhood Everywhere”.


Although it is showing signs of its age, the members of this Lodge have long decided not to have it restored. It is what it is, the first and original but now special care is taken when it is handled and moved.


A banner is an object of some importance within a Lodge together with many items and artefacts.


Even the furniture placed in a Lodge room is significant; each Officer of a Lodge has his own chair which is clearly marked with the Badge of his Office. The Worshipful Master, the Senior and Junior Wardens have their own identity, chair and special significant place in the Lodge room. The banner is always hung behind the Master’s chair to help identify the Lodge to visitors.


On ceremonial occasions when Freemasons parade in public, for example the annual church service in Warwick, a banner is on display to identify the Brethren gathered around it.