Artefacts of the Lodge

Every Lodge in the world holds its own artefacts and these are closely kept for individual Lodge use.


Lodges do share some items. Lodge Room furniture is of course shared, the Master’s, Senior and Junior Wardens’ Chairs for example. Lodge Deacons carry a “Wand” which is their badge of office as does the Lodge’s Director of Ceremonies, these are individual items stored by a Lodge. 


The regalia worn by a Lodge Master is handed on from individual to individual after a term of office ends.


One of the more important items held by a Lodge is its Warrant - a Lodge cannot be held without one. Cosmopolitan Lodge’s Warrant was of course presented by Grand Lodge for the Consecration ceremony. This same Warrant and the heavy wooden frame it is mounted in is always on display within a Lodge Room.


The Banner is the most visual artefact of any Lodge, anywhere. Its design and appearance varies dramatically from Lodge to Lodge, it is always unique and individual to the Lodge who display it.


After covering visual items, a Lodge holds items which make noise! Every Lodge room has either an organ or a piano and hopefully a member who can play it.


The more noticeable items are the gavels used by the Master of the Lodge and his two Wardens. All items of business are preceded by generous use of a gavel.


Non-Masonic visitors to Lodge Ladies Evenings are usually startled by rather energetic use of the gavels.