About Cosmopolitan Lodge

In 1909 the Cosmopolitan Club thought about forming a Masonic Lodge purely for its own club members. This club was made up of businessmen from Birmingham and the Black Country.


The objects of the club was to provide facilities for practice in modern languages and for the promotion of social intercourse amongst its members.


In a short time seventeen founders signed a petition to Grand Lodge for a Warrant of Constitution. It was allocated the individual number of 3391.


On the 30 November 1909, Cosmopolitan Lodge was duly consecrated in the then Masonic Hall situated in New Street, Birmingham - 350 Brethren attended.  


From 1909 until October 1927 the Lodge met in rooms within the then Imperial Hotel in Temple Street, Birmingham.


In October of 1927 the Lodge moved its meetings to the new Warwickshire Masonic Peace Temple in Broad Street.


Meetings in those early days were held using both French and English languages and were always held on the first Tuesday of a month, as they still are today.


In 1926 the Officers of the Lodge decided that confining membership to only men who were within the Cosmopolitan Club no longer served the interests of the Lodge and the restriction was lifted. 


Today there are no restrictions or barriers for men interested in joining Cosmopolitan Lodge, and members come from all walks of life.